Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tabloid Proteome?

Tabloid Proteome is a database of protein association network generated using publically available mass spectrometry based experiments in PRIDE. These associations includes; protein-protein interaction, complex formation, or different role in single pathway.

How are all these associations calculated?

The association between two proteins are calculated using our method (Gupta et al. 2017) which uses Jaccard Similarity score to calculate the value for association. Our method is based on the assumption that consistent protein co-occurrence across a large collection of different, unrelated MS experiments is not merely due to chance, but that this instead reveals an underlying biological association between these co-occurring proteins. We have also included the biological relation between the protein pairs using existing knowledgebases; IntAct and BioGRID for interaction, CORUM for complex, Ensembl for paralogs, Reactome for pathways, DisGeNet for diseases.

Is it free to use?

Yes, Tabloid Proteome data are available for free.

How can I download data and in which formats?

You can download your search result as datatable in TSV and CSV format, from Data Table view and as a network image in .png format, from Graph view. You can also download all detected Human or Mosue significantly associating protein pairs in TSV format, from Download tab. If you would like to download information other than these, contact us.

Does it provide all interacting partners of protein from IntAct and BioGRID?

Tabloid proteome include protein-protein interaction only for the protein pairs determined using our association study using public proteomics MS data (Gupta et al. 2017). It does not include protein-protein interaction which are not found in our study.


You can find documentation (pdf) link here .

Developer Guide

Source code is available on GitHub.

For any further questions, feedback or suggestions, you can send mail to one of the following persons:

Surya Gupta

Niels Hulstaert

Lennart Martens