SECRiFY (Secretability Screening of Recombinant Fragments in Yeast) is a method that was developed to systematically assess the secretion of domain-sized protein fragments, ideally covering entire proteomes, by the yeast secretory system. The platform builds on the integration of yeast surface display with customized, normalized cDNA fragment library construction and massively parallel sequencing. We have used SECRiFY to screen the human proteome for protein fragments that can productively pass through the S. cerevisiae or P. pastoris secretory system, and through this website, provide easy access to these processed datasets, additionally linking them to structural data from PDB and to domain information from Pfam. As such, this resource can be used as a means to check which parts of your (human) protein of interest should be easy to produce recombinantly in either S. cerevisiae or P. pastoris, and which might be more problematic.

For more information, we refer to our paper Boone et al, 2017 (DOI:241349).

SECRiFY version 1.0 01 August 2017